Apply for a concession

New concessionary rates are now applicable. For more information on the new rates and qualifying criteria, click here.

YACIO is committed to seeking ways to make allotmenting accessible to all. One way that we do this is to try and reduce the barrier that the cost of renting allotments can be to residents in receipt of means tested benefits.  For this reason we welcome applications for concessions from those that are eligible. We will no longer be offering age based concessions.

You are can apply for a concession using the form below, or you can download the application form to complete and send to us in the post or via email. Please complete this form within 7 days of signing your tenancy agreement. This will ensure that your concession is included on your invoice.

Please note Concessionary Rents are calculated as below in BOLD:

  • Plot size A Plots up to 75 square yards: £25/£12.50
  • Plot size B Plots from 76 to 150 square yards: £50/£25
  • Plot size C Plots from 151 to 300 square yards: £100/£50
  • Plot size D Plots from 301 to 450 square yards: £135/£67.50

Apply for a concession online

Please work carefully through the form below, indicating what benefits you are in receipt of. You must resubmit proof every year that you are eligible and we will write to you in November each year to request this. Only one full sized plot can be claimed for.

In order to prove that you are eligible for a concession you will need to upload a copy of an official letter from the relevant government body to show that you are in receipt of a means tested benefit. Please do not send us copies of bus passes or rail cards, as these do not count as proof.

I declare that to the best of my knowledge the information I have given is correct and complete. I give YACIO my permission to check any information given on this form. I will tell you about changes in my circumstances which may affect the current concessionary claim. I understand that giving false information is against the law and can lead to prosecution.

YACIO will not share the information you submit with anyone else.