There have recently been a number of complaints from local residents across York regarding inappropriate bonfires on allotment plots causing a nuisance and, in some cases, serious health issues.

Allowing a bonfire to cause a nuisance to neighbouring residents or other allotment tenants contravenes your allotment tenancy.  It may also be an offence under environmental protection law.  If the Council’s Environmental Protection Unit receive a complaint they issue an official warning.  After a warning, further nuisance could lead to a court appearance and a fine of up to £5,000.

Please note the following rules for trouble free bonfires:

  • Don’t light a bonfire on a warm, dry day, when neighbouring residents may be sitting out in their garden or drying their washing
  • Don’t light a fire between Easter & October unless the weather is cold and grey
  • Don’t burn your weeds – most can be composted to improve the soil
  • Don’t bring rubbish from home to burn on your plot
  • Only burn dry, woody garden waste
  • Choose a still, cool evening for your fire
  • Make sure the fire is out before you leave it