Updated 24.3.2020

First of all, thank you for all of your support during these difficult times.  We appreciate your assistance and patience while we all adapt to this rapidly changing situation.

Following the Prime Minister’s announcement yesterday there have been many enquiries about whether we can all still work on our allotments and whether this is essential.

Yes, you can still go to work on your allotment.  

Michael Gove confirmed this morning that people are allowed to work on their allotments, providing that they maintain the current social distancing rules.  This means that:

 You must ensure that you have washed your hands/used hand sanitiser/are wearing gloves before touching any gates, locks and taps.

– You must not mix households. Please maintain at least 2m between yourself and others.

– You must only work on your plot, please do not have any social gatherings. 

If you are driving to your allotment please consider parking further apart, if this is feasible, to minimise the risks of contact with others.

 If you will not be able to work your allotment during this time please do let us know.  We may be able to arrange assistance but this idea is still in the planning stages.

YACIO is keeping as up to date as possible as the situation develops but please do follow any current government advice in the first instance as this will be the most up to date as the situation changes.

Please do your part to keep all allotment holders safe and well.